Dog, puppy trainer in Palestine, Rusk, Frankston, Crockett, Texas Dog obedience training in East Texas

How to stop a dog from biting, digging, being agressive, barking

Trainer to get my dog to be nice, be friendly, mix with,  interface with family, children, introduce to strangers

  1. No discrimination based on breed type.

  2. How to stop dog from agression, biting, digging
  3. There are no "bad" dogs. Some dogs may not fit every class situation, therefore, we will strive to find the best fit for each dog to address its own unique training needs.

  4. Every dog is an individual. Each dog has its own unique personality and characteristics based on breed type, background, environment, and support systems. Dogs respond differently to various training methods. There is no "one size fits all" training.

  5. The best relationships are built on communication, trust and respect.

  6. Dogs thrive when provided consistent structure, guidance and leadership. Leadership is NOT synonymous with dominance, force or fear. Leadership is "having the ability to lead" or "the act of leading, guiding, directing".

  7. Training success is directly proportionate to the handler's ability to understand dog behavior, set realistic goals, apply consistent training over sustained periods of time, and the level of communication achieved between dog and handler.

Dog trainer, professional dog training in Texas, Anderson County, Palestine

At Wag'n Train, we believe every canine should enjoy a healthy, happy relationship with their human companion. Dog training is about developing a relationship between dog and handler, and learning to successfully communicate despite the differences in styles between humans and dogs. We believe that training can and should be fun and rewarding for both the dog and handler.

In home dog training, train you dog at home, basic commands, socialization

Do I really need to obedience train my dog?

Yes!! There are many advantages to training your dog. With obedience work, you can teach your dogs the rules of your house, which behaviors are acceptable, and what is expected of your pet. Training provides the leadership your dog craves. Training also helps solve behavior problems. Many are caused by boredom or because boundaries haven't been established or enforced.

Dog, puppy trainer that will come to my home to train my dogWhen can training begin?

You may begin working with your puppy as early as 7 weeks. Your goal should be to instill a love of learning in your pup that will carry over to the time when he/she begins basic obedience.

I have an older dog, can he benefit from training?

Yes!! You can teach an old dog new tricks. Dogs of any age can learn new behaviors and expectations.

How does training begin?

If you live nearby, Rory will meet you at your home. If you live far away she will call, "Skype" or "Face Time". The first step is to establish the outcomes expected from training. We will then identify how we can improve/teach new behaviors followed by a training plan to manage and modify.

What type of training methods does your company use?

Clicker training is the most popular form of positive re-enforcement being used today. With certain situations, expectations, etc. other forms including electronic collars can be implemented.

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